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Specialty: Music, Voice Acting, Narration, Background Music for Video

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Steven Rosch Media origins go back to 1978, the year ROAR Productions opened in a renovated bedroom. In 1980 ROAR incorporated and, over the next 15 years, grew to a 3500 foot, three studio audio recording complex with six engineers and corporate staff. Emphasis was evenly divided between music clients and advertising and government work. ROAR also became a first rate jingle house and soon, the center of a community of the some of the best singers, musicians, producers, and arrangers in the Mid-Atlantic and beyond.

In 1995, Mr. Rosch downsized and moved the studio into a large video complex where he serviced his many corporate clients, won over new ones, and augmented the evolving digital technology with classic analogue sound. In 2002, ROAR made a transition to a more boutique approach, continuing the streamlining to digital, with “in the box” audio and video recording, mixing, mastering and creative; all in a residential setting.

Today, Steven Rosch Media still has a brick and mortar studio, films on location, and collaborates with a talented group of media visionaries; cherry-picking technicians, creative minds, and voice artists, and pairing them to projects. It’s been a great journey and we continue to be excited about what we do. And through all of the years we’ve never forgotten that disciplined eyes and ears, a creative spirit and open mind, a results-driven attitude and a smile and handshake never go out of style.

A short list of Steve’s clients include: U.S. Consumer Products Commission, Safeway, La Z Boy, MBNA, Johns Hopkins University, Astra Zeneca, Verizon, U.S. Dept Of Defense, Raytheon, Horizon Foundation, Sylvan Learning, FAA, NASA, Howard County Recreation Dept, and Microsoft.

Two time Maryland Entertainment Hall Of Fame Inductee and Washington D.C. native Steve Rosch comes from a family of musicians, artists and businesspersons.

He began his professional adventures in 1964, about 60 seconds after he heard his first Beatles record. Steve studied jazz guitar and music theory from Frank Mullen at D.C.’s famous The Guitar Shop. Around that time, he formed the teen rock band The Heard, which they were, around PG County, Maryland, and Washington D.C..

Steve began performing in nightclubs at the age of 16, appearing at The Crazy Horse, Bayou, Silver Dollar, Act IV, The Cave, and many other legendary rock & Top-40 clubs. In 1973 he co-founded the East Coast show/dance band Fire & Ice, which continued into 1979. Over the years, he shared the stage with acts like Paul Revere & The Raiders, Tommy James & The Shondells, BB King, The Dovells, Journey guitarist Neil Schon, and Santana and Journey keyboardist Greg Rolie.

Steve won numerous songwriting awards throughout the 1970s and 1980s and went into the audio production and recording studio business for the next 40 years with his company ROAR Audio, Music & Video Productions (later Steven Rosch Media & Music), producing bands, writing radio & TV jingles and working with advertising agencies and multi-media developers, while still performing on weekends. In the 1990s, Steve joined Baltimore’s famous horn-driven group The Admirals and continued to perform with bands and solo for the 20 years thereafter.

In 2005, Steve rejoined his fellow “The Heard” co-originator to fulfill a dream. The two musicians–now more than 40 years older–would bring back the music of their youth and perform it for a new generation of listeners. JANGLEBACHS was born.

Steve was inducted twice into The Maryland Entertainment Hall OF Fame in 2016 for his contributions to the regional music scene as a businessman and life-long musician, and as a member of The Admirals.

About My Business

Steven Rosch Media is a creator & producer of business and consumer-oriented audio, video, and media content. Within that framework, we create business telephone “message on-hold”, TV and radio broadcast and web commercials, promotional video, “bottom-up” production of radio and TV jingles and video music soundtracks and sweetening, audio book production, consultation for studio design, equipment purchase, acoustic design and audio software training. We also provide in-house voice talent as well as access and direction of voice artists and celebrity voices world-wide.