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Specialty: Intellectual Property Law

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Garcia-Zamor Intellectual Property Law, LLC.

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  4. Startups
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Ruy Garcia-Zamor, Managing Partner
Regardless of industry, if you are going into business or already active in the marketplace you need to call Garcia-Zamor Intellectual Property Law. We prevent competitors from stealing client brands, product names, slogans, and online identity. We have been preventing invention theft for more than ten years. As a full service intellectual property law firm, Garcia-Zamor attorneys provide patentability opinions, infringement opinions, patent and trademark application services, and copyright services along with contract, settlement, licensing and litigation services. For startups we also create business entities and the associated agreements between business owners and investors. If you’re ready to protect your brand and intellectual property, Garcia-Zamor stands ready to offer you the maximum protection under the law.

Passionately Devoted to Your Success ®

For more than fifteen years, Garcia-Zamor Intellectual Property Law, LLC has served clients worldwide from its convenient location in the heart of the Baltimore- Washington Metropolitan area. All of us here at Garcia-Zamor believe that the best way to grow our firm and enhance our reputation is to consistently provide superior work at an affordable price. Everything we do is completed by multiple attorneys working in unison, because our entire team is Passionately Devoted to Your Success™.

Preventing Invention Theft for Over Ten Years, Making Sure Your Ideas Stay Yours.

Do You Need A Patent Attorney?
Make sure that you are the first to file a patent application for your invention to prevent theft. Many inventors find out too late that they have lost control of their invention. Protecting your invention so that it is not stolen, copied, or imitated allows you to profit from your creativity and control your invention in the marketplace.

Do You Need A Trademark Lawyer? 
Registered trademarks are a critical tool to prevent competitors from stealing your brands, product names, slogans, and online identity. Failure to register your brands only ensures that your competitors will eventually take advantage of your advertising and take your sales. Registered trademarks ensure that you profit from the quality of your products and services instead of having others ruin your reputation with inferior goods.

Protection For Your Business, Products and Services
Intellectual property includes patents, trademarks, startups, branding, business formation, copyrights, trade secrets, cybersquatting, confidentiality agreements, licensing, manufacturing agreements, Internet laws, Digital Millennium Copyright Act protection and take-down services, E-Commerce laws and related litigation. It is never too early to contact us! Selecting your branding, business entity formation, operating agreements, and determining if patent, trademark, or copyright protection is appropriate is most affordable when done right from the start.


A Little More Information About Ruy
Prior to starting Garcia-Zamor Intellectual Property Law, LLC, Ruy spent more than nine years representing numerous clients, including electronics manufacturer Samsung. Mr. Garcia-Zamor envisioned a firm where clients are treated as partners rather than accounts; where attorneys are treated as team members rather than employees; and where teamwork and a singular dedication to clients yield superior results. Ruy has been happily married for over 23 years and loves spending time with his three young children and Rosie, the laziest Golden Retriever ever.

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