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Specialty: Commercial Cleaning

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Xtreme Clean


2618 Willow Leaf Court
Odenton, MD 21113


Creating Healthier Work Environments


“We Clean for the Unseen”


Specializing in Cleaning Commercial and Industrial Spaces:

Lobbies   Bathrooms   Kitchens   Office Units


Germs don’t die.  They multiply.

Our Health Based Cleaning System Removes 99.1% of the flu germs passed by the steady influx of customers and staff within a closed-in community.

Using our color-coded system, we sure don’t use the same cloths to wipe down the bathroom fixtures, the bathroom sink, the kitchen sink and your desk phone.  You’d be surprised.

Removing 99.1% of Flu Germs = Reduced Absenteeism because of Illness = Reduced Sick Leave = Reduced Healthcare Costs = Increased Staff Productivity = More Money to Invest in Your Business



Our owner will personally eat a candy bar from the toilet seat after cleaning with our

Health Based Cleaning System … (And There’s No Harsh Chemical Smells Left Behind Either!)


And that’s why LeTip of Howard County supports XTREMECLEAN 100%.

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XTREMECLEAN: Creating Healthier Work Environments